Watford SC and Harpenden SC Open Meets!

A great weekend of racing for DSC at the Watford Regional Qualifying Meet over the weekend of 7 and 8 March 2020, and on that Saturday night Harpenden Frantic 50’s meet held at Inspire in Luton.  DSC had a small squad of 14 swimmers in Watford, as these athletes were either close to achieving a regional time, or were looking to better an existing time.  Only 5 swimmers competed at Harpenden’s meet, but with sensational results over the 4 50m strokes.  Well done to everyone that competed over the course of this weekend.

A fabulous start for Jessica Medlicott (13) as she swam the 200IM gaining a regional qualifying time, PB and a bronze medal in 2.40.84.  Veronika Popow was 7th in the same race.  Rhianne Carrick also gained an RQT and a silver medal/PB in 2.31.57 in the 16/overs in the same race – Huge well done girls.

For the boys Oliver Bradshaw (13) had sensational 50m and 100m breaststroke swims, gaining 2 brand new RQT’s, PB’s and 2 bronze medals in 38.02 and 1.23.76 respectively. Ollie went onto swim the 50m butterfly and came in 6th place 35.57. 

In the 200m backstroke for girls Jessica Kefford (16) grabbed her third Regional Qualifying Time (already having the 50m and 100m) by winning the gold medal in 2.26.90 with a staggering 4 second PB! Brilliant swimming Jess – well done!  Chloe Medlicott (15) won the bronze medal in 2.51.56 pb, with younger sister Jessica (13) coming 5th in a brand new pb of 2.39.98.  Well done all.

In the 100m Freestyle for the girls Bryony Mathias (13) came 4th in a great new pb of 1.07.02, with Chloe Medlicott (15) swimming in 1.08.61, and Jessica Kefford (16) in 1.03.26.

Lots of girls entered the 50m backstroke event.  In the (13) we had Veronika Popow in 7th 35.91, Jessica Medlicott in 8th 36.10 PB and Bryony Mathias 41.26.  In the (15) Chloe Medlicott swam in 38.91and (16) Annabella Vassallo-Todaro in 34.84.

In the 100m backstroke event Jessica Medlicott (13) swam a new pb of 1.17.03, sister Chloe (15) 1.21.33, and in the (16) Annabella Vassallo-Todaro swam a new PB of 1.16.06, Amy Shaw 1.19.91 PB and finally Jessica Kefford on a time trial swam 1.08.71.

Two swimmers in the 50m breaststroke Jessica Medlicott and Veronika Popow (13) 41.41 and 41.55 respectively. 

Lone swimmers in the next 3 events. 50m freestsyle saw Elliot Kefford (14) in 7th place in 29.15, Bryony Mathias (13) in a fabulous 400m freestyle swim gaining a new pb in 5.20.30 and Jennifer Davis (13) 5th place in 200m butterfly in a new pb of 3.01.34.

Two 6th places for our female 100m breaststroke swimmers Veronika Popow (13) in 1.28.71 and Maisie Humphrey (14) in 1.26.98 PB.

In the 50m butterfly (13) Jenny Davis swam in 33.32 pb, Veronika Popow 34.22 and Bryony Mathias 37.19 PB. In the same race Rhianne Carrick (16) gained a pb in 31.40 and a bronze medal, this already being an RQT for Rhi.

Three brand new pb’s for the girls in the 200m free.  Bryony Mathias (13) in 2.28.82, Chloe Medlicott (15) in 2.30..17 and Amy Shaw (16) in 2.34.20.

In the 100m butterfly Jenny Davis (13) achieved a huge 4 second pb in 1.15.68, whilst Veronika Popow gained a new pb in 1.18.73. Maisie Humphrey (14) swam in 1.18.16 in the same race.

Finally 10 of our DSC girls swam in the final race of the night the 50m freestyle.  PB’s from Bryony Mathias 30.65, Jessica Medlicott 32.10, Rhianne Carrick 29.19 and Eloise Harper 33.64.  Veronika Popow also swam in 30.86 with Jenny Davis on a time trial 31.32. Maisie Humphrey 31.94, Chloe Medlicott 33.11, Jessica Kefford 29.34 and Amy Shaw 31.28.

Some fabulous results also came in from the Harpenden SC meet that took place on the evening of 7th March.  This was a long course meet in a 50m pool just covering the 4 50 metre strokes.

Olivia Cooper in the (10/11) gained a silver medal and brand new pb in the 50m butterfly in a time of 43.37.  Jenny Davis (13) swam a scorching 50m fly in a new pb of 33.63.  This converts to Jenny’s first Regional Qualifying Time and won her the Gold medal! Well done to you both.  Two new pb’s were gained in the same race by Thea Brazel-Hawkins (14) in 40.55 and Eloise Harper (16) 40.67.

Joshua Hamm (15) swam to 6th place in the 50m backstroke with a new long course pb of 37.05, 6th in 50m butterfy in 35.52 pb, 6th in 50m breaststroke in 44.90 pb and finally 32.10 pb in 50m freestyle.

In the 50m breastroke for girls Olivia Cooper swam 56.10 pb, Jenny Davis 39.93 pb and her second gold medal, and finally Thea Brazel-Hawkins in 42.05.

In the 50m backstroke Olivia Cooper swam in 46.74, whilst Jenny Davis gained a bronze medal in 36.46, with Thea Brazel-Hawkins in a new pb of 44.87 and finally Eloise Harper in a new pb of 43.12.

In the final event of the night we saw all of our 3 girls pb in the 50m freestyle event.  Olivia Cooper swam in 41.17 pb, Thea Brazel-Hawkins swam in 36.34 pb and finally Eloise Harper swam in 35.00 pb.

Well done to all of our swimmers who competed over this weekend.