Terry Davies Watford Open – 2019

A large DSC squad visited Woodside Leisure Centre in Watford for their Terry Davies Open over the weekend of 22 and 23 June 2019.  Always a great meet for DSC, and being a grade 3 gala, means its an excellent Open for our younger swimmers looking for times.  As usual DSC performed brilliantly over the weekend, and claimed lots of medals and achieved some fantastic new pb’s.

An overview of results are below, but full results can be found on the members only section of the website.

First up was the 200mIM where we saw Hannah Swan achieve a 5 sec pb, Jenny Davis a 2 second pb, and Maisie Humphey also pb’ing.  For the boys we saw Joshua Hamm claim a 9 second pb, Callum Shepherd a 3 second pb and achieving 4th overall and Ollie Ellison a 6 second pb in the same race.

Next came the 100m breaststroke with Francesca Humphrey achieving a 4 second pb, Maisie Humphrey and Thea Brazel-Hawkins both achieving 3 second pb’s, Rhianne Carrick and Maia Morgan both claiming a silver medal with Rhianne’s being a new pb of 1.21.91.

In the 100m backstroke Annabella Vassallo-Todaro won a fantastic bronze medal and a new pb in 1.16.07 with Chloe Medlicott gaining a 7 second pb in the same race.  For the boys, Callum Shepherd gained 4th place overall and Walter Hackett who was on a time trial swam in 58.80 in the same race.

In the 50m butterfly Olivia Cooper gained a 2 second pb swimming in 51.81, and for Jenny Davies and Bryony Mathias 6th and 9th place respectively with Bryony gaining a second pb.  Rhianne Carrick came 4th overall in the same race.  For the boys Myles Mathias gained a bronze medal and a fantastic Winter Regional Qualifying Time swimming in 28.25 – Well done Myles!  Daniel Tuffnell swam the race in 29.24 pb, Thomas Fantini gained a new pb, and finally Walter Hackett on a time trial swam in 27.98.

For the 100m butterfly Jenny Davis gained a 4 second pb and came 4th overall, and for Maisie Humphrey she claimed a fantastic bronze in a new time of 1.18.42.  Kieran Murray gained a 4th place overall in the same race and a new pb.

In the 200m freestyle Bryony Mathias came 4th overall in a new time, with Maisie Humphrey gaining an incredible 9 second pb!  It was bronze for Rhianne Carrick in the same race with a 6 second pb.

In the 50m backstroke all our girls gained new pb’s.  This included Bryony Mathias in 4th place, Jessica Medlicott and Jenny Davis.  It was a silver medal for Annabella Vassallo-Todaro in a new pb of 34.42.

Callum Shepherd came 5th overall in the 200m backstroke, and all four boys of Kieran Murray, Walter Hackett, Myles Mathias and Ollie Ellison gained pb’s in the 100m IM.  Kieran gaining a 10 second pb in 1.10.67 and Walter securing a silver medal in 1.01.67.  for the girls 100m IM Chloe Brooke won the silver medal and bang on pb, with Olivia Cooper, Jess Medlicott and Bryony Mathias all gaining 3 second pb’s.

It was pb’s galore for the 50m freestyle.  Chloe Brooke again won a silver medal, Tia Jones a second pb along with Amber Flitton, Bryony Mathias, Holly Fantini, Thea Brazel-Hawkins and Chloe Medlicott all gaining new pb’s in this race. George Wallis-Smith and Thomas Fantini also both secured pb’s in the 50m FC.  

It was a gold medal for Jenny Davis swimming her 200m butterfly in 3.09.89.

Walter Hackett came 4th overall in his 200m breaststroke in a new pb of 2.32.03.  For the girls in the same race, Francesca Humphrey gained a fabulous bronze medal and a 20 second pb in a time of 4.02.36, with Hannah Swan coming in 6th with a 7 second pb, Jenny Davis 9th with a 4 second pb and finally both Maisie Humphrey and Thea Brazel-Hawkins with new pb’s.

Boys gave great performances in the 100m freestyle, with Daniel Richards gaining a new pb, Kieran swimming in sub minute of 59.60 pb, along with Callum Shepherd in 59.65, Daniel Tuffnell in 59.71 pb, and Thomas Fantini in 1.02.22 a 5 second pb. For the girls Chloe Brooke won a silver medal in 1.30.43 and Jessica Medlicott and big sister Chloe both gaining 3 second pb’s.  Bethany Harwood also gained a 3 second pb in the same race.

Finally Jenny Davis secured a bronze medal in the 50m breaststroke in a new time of 41.84 and Maia Morgan gained a silver medal in a time of 38.70.

Other great swims came from Louis Ellison, Skylar Alderson, Rhys Jones and Isabel Tuffnell.

Well done to all our swimmers, officials, Team Managers and all other volunteers who helped in this meet.

DSC have just a few more events now before the season ends and everyone enjoys a much needed rest.  This includes the Tom Williams Cup Gala, Junior League Round 2, Open Water Championships and British Summer Championships for Walter Hackett in July.