Club kit is available to purchase directly from Premium Force Limited and can be viewed and ordered by clicking on the website link below:-

For competition suits, training costumes and equipment such as pull buoy, kick board, short training fins, hand paddles and drag shorts Dunstable Swimming Club has negotiated a discounted rate with Mailsports Online Swim Specialist.  The discount code is detailed within the member’s login section of the DSC website located on the homepage. The link to Mailsports website can be found here:-



We now have our new TYR swim hats in stock.  If you require a new hat, please could you email your request to:, and transfer £5.00 to the DSC account.  Please reference your payment HATS.

DSC Bullet HAT

Designed to help you create a smooth, hydrodynamic outline in the water, this moulded silicone cap features an ergonomic 3D design for an incredibly comfortable fit.  Ideal for regular swim sessions, the durable silicone means you’ll be able to wear it swim after swim.  Protect your hair from chlorine damage and look a pro in this practical kit bag essential.  Helps create a smooth profile in the water and reduce drag.  Royal Blue Speedo with DSC logo on both sides. £12.00 each at the DSC club desk.


DSC Swimming Hat

Royal Blue silicon Speedo swimming hat with DSC logo on both sides. Each new member receives a free hat. Replacement hats can be purchased from the club desk. £5.00