National Arena League Round 3 – 2018!

Dunstable Swimming Club had a brilliant final 3rd round of the National Arena League 2018 with a great 4th place position in their West Midlands Division 2 gala. Held in Daventry once again on 8th December 2018, DSC swimmers were on good form holding their own with some top competitive swimming clubs.

Competing against Pershore, Solihull, Cheltenham, Stratford and Boldmere, DSC were against some very tough competition. DSC did not disappoint, and the whole squad worked really hard all night with the relays in particular being tremendously exciting to spectate.

The atmosphere poolside was very much alive, and certainly the support from DSC parents from the gallery was brilliant where the flag was flying and parents stood and watched.

The points at the end of this 3rd round gala were as follows;

1st place – Solihull – 215
2nd place – Cheltenham – 204
3rd place – Pershore – 165
4th place – Dunstable – 162
5th place – Boldmere B – 152
6th place – Stratford Sharks – 151

Overall Dunstable achieved a 4th place position on the night but only 3 points to 3rd place!, achieving 8 1st place positions, 4 2nd place positions and 10 3rd place.

DSC also celebrated some excellent new PB’s. Swimmers of the gala went to Kieran Murray and Izzy Tuffnell who both had fantastic battles in the pool to hold their places! They both made outstanding contributions to the gala.

Thank you to all DSC swimmers that competed and did their best, for what is a high profile event. Thank you also to the organisers and supporters that make this event so well organised with over 10,000 swimmers competing all across the country on the same night!

DSC look forward to competing in the National Arena Swimming League once again in 2019!

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