Flitwick Open October 2019!

DSC travelled to the Saxon Pool in Biggleswade for the Flitwick Open over the weekend of 20/21 October 2019.  Swimmers eager to clinch County Qualifying Times, did not disappoint as we saw many PB’s over the two days. Congratulations to all of our swimmers that competed over the weekend.

To kick off this open gala we saw Hannah Swan (12) take the first medal gaining a bronze in the 100m freestyle in a time of 1.11.24.  Jessica Medlicott (12) also achieved a great 5th place in 1.13.05.  Maisie Humphrey (13) came 6th in the same race in 1.08.20.  With Chloe Medlicott (14) in 13th place and Isabel Tuffnell (14) in 17th.  Finally in the 15’s we had Bethany Harwood in 11th and Eloise Harper in 15th.

In the men’s 100m freestyle we had Ollie Ellison (16) and Daniel Tuffnell (16) both under the sub 60 second mark in 6th and 7th respectively.

In the women’s 100m backstroke Jessica Medlicott (12) took a fantastic silver in 1.18.63, and Hannah Swan came 5th in 1.23.60. In the 14yrs, Annabella Vassallo-Todaro gained a brilliant silver in 1.16.29, with Chloe Medlicott in 8th place 1.23.82.  In the 15yrs Rhianne Carrick gained a brilliant silver in 1.12.19.  In the 200m IM Bethany Harwood achieved 5th in a time of 2.57.21.

In the men’s 50m breaststroke George Wallis-Smith achieved 5th place in 41.27, whilst the girls 50m breaststroke saw a fantastic gold from Hannah Swan in 40.94 and a Bronze from Jessica Medlicott in 42.65.  Maisie Humphrey was 6th and Rhianne Carrick followed with a terrific silver in 38.56.

In the men’s 200IM Ollie Ellison (16) came 6th in a time of 2.34.07.

In the women’s 100m butterfly Maisie Humphrey came 6th in a time of 1.19.42, in the 200m breaststroke younger sister Francesca came 7th in a time of 4.05.27.

In the men’s 50m backstroke Louis Ellison (12) achieved 5th place in 41.87, with George Wallis-Smith 14) in 6th in 36.28, with Ollie Ellison finishing this race with a brilliant bronze in 31.70.

In the women’s 50m backstroke Annabella-Vassallo-Todaro (14) medals again with a great bronze medal in a time of 35.05. finishing with Bethany Harwood in 7th 38.34.

In the women’s 100m breaststroke Jenny Davis achieved 4th place in a time of 1.31.07, whilst Jessica Medlicott achieved 5th in 1.32.72.  Rhianne Carrick (15) finished off this race with a brilliant silver in 1.23.15.

In the women’s 200m freestyle, Bryony Mathias (12) achieved 4th place in 2.36.48, Chloe Medlicott (14) in 9th place 2.34.45 and finishing off in the 15yrs was Jessica Kefford in 4th place 2.21.16.

In the men’s 100IM Callum Shepherd (16) achieved 4th place in a time of 1.07.94.

The women’s 50m butterfly saw our 12 year old girls dominate in silver, bronze and 4th place.  Jenny Davis clinching the silver in 35.34, Jessica Medlicott the bronze in 37.55 and Bryony Mathias 4th in 37.70.  In the 14 yrs Chloe Medlicott came 11th in 39.58, finishing with the 15yrs with Rhianne Carrick in silver position 32.50, Jessica Kefford 34.67 and 6th and finally Bethany Harwood 34.91 and 7th place.

The men’s 50m butterfly we saw Daniel Tuffnell take the silver in 29.06 and Callum Shepherd in 7th in 31.66, Callum then went onto swim the 400m freestyle and finished in 4th in a time of 4.44.05.

DSC’s biggest success came from our 12 year old girls in the 100IM.  A fabulous Gold, silver and bronze no less came from Jenny Davis, Bryony Mathias and Jessica Medlicott in 1.19.33, 1.21.35 and 1.21.94 respectively – massive well done girls. In the same race Amy Shaw (15) and Bethany Harwood came 7th and 8th respectively.

The men’s 100m butterfly brought more success for Daniel Tuffnell with a great silver medal in a time of 1.04.99.

The 200m backstroke for women, saw Amy Shaw in 5th place in a time of 2.58.70, with Louis Ellison in the 100m backstroke in 7th in 1.40.08 and big brother Ollie in silver medal position in a time of 1.07.32.

More huge success then came from our 3 girls in the 12yr old category.  50m freestyle found DSC with another gold, silver and bronze medals with Bryony Mathias in 1st place 31.48, Jenny Davis in 2nd 32.30 and Hannah Swan in 3rd 32.35 – well done girls.

In the 14 yrs Isabel Tuffnell and Chloe Medlicott came 11th and 12th, with Amy Shaw in 5th and Eloise Harper in 13th in the 15 yrs.

For the last race of this open weekend, we had Carmelo Vassallo-Todaro (12) in 8th, Louis Ellison in 10th, George Wallis Smith (14) in 6th, and in the 16yrs Ollie Ellison with the bronze, Daniel Tuffnell in 5th and Callum Shepherd in 8th.

Well done to everyone that competed over this competitive weekend.