Flitwick Open Autumn 2018!

DSC travelled to the Biggleswade pool for the Flitwick Open over the weekend of 20 and 21 October 2018, with fantastic results.  The autumn months in any season is very important for swimmers as they try and achieve their county times in preparation for Bedfordshire County Championships in January 2019.  An excellent meet for DSC, with pb’s and medals a plenty and those all important county times for the younger DSC age group swimmers.

To kick start the session on the Saturday was the girls 100m freestyle.  DSC very quickly gained podium positions with Bryony Mathias winning a gold 11yrs age group, Millie Dudley gaining a silver 13 yrs and Jessica Kefford a silver in the 14 yr age group.  For the boys Elliot Kefford 12 yrs and Callum Shepherd 15 yrs gained bronze medals in the same event.

In the 100m backstroke for girls Jessica Medlicott achieved a great gold medal in the 11 yrs age group, while Lily Swan secured the silver for the 13yrs.

Ruby Thasan in the 200IM achieved a fantastic bronze medal for her 200IM in a new time of 3.38.47 9yrs.  While Millie Dudley 13yrs clinched the gold in 2.37.34.

Two bronze medals came from the boys 50m breaststroke. One in the 11yrs age group from Oliver Bradshaw and one in the 12yrs age group from Elliot Kefford – well done boys.

In the girls 50m breaststroke Hannah Swan clinched the bronze in her 11 yr age group, with the same coming from Millie Dudley 13yrs and finally in the 15yrs a silver medal from Maia Morgan in a great time of 37.93.

DSC were certainly very pleased with the results of the girls 100m butterfly.  A gold from Jenny Davis 11yrs in a time of 1.29.31, a silver from Rhianne Carrick 14 yrs in a time of 1.16.83 and finally a gold from Millie Dudley 13yrs in a totally blistering and huge pb of 1.09.85 putting her time as a potential regional finalist later next year! – well done girls.

In the boys 100m breaststroke, Oliver Bradshaw secured a silver medal in a time of 1.34.13.

More gold medals came from the girls 50m backstroke with Ruby Thasan 9 yrs winning gold and Jessica Medlicott 11yrs with the same.

In the girls 100m breaststroke Hannah Swan 11yrs won the bronze medal in a time of 1.38.62 with Maia Morgan 15yrs also winning a bronze in the same event.

In the boys and girls 200m freestyle DSC medaled again! This time in the 15yrs with Kieran Murray gaining a bronze in 2.10.83 and Ruby Thasan 9 yrs also a bronze in a time of 3.23.13.

Ruby Thasan and Jenny Davis were literally flying at this meet with further medals in the 50m butterfly.  Ruby gained a bronze medal in her 9 yr age group in a time of 46.10 and Jenny 11 yrs clinched the gold in 37.40 – well done girls.

In the girls 11yrs 100m IM we saw all three podium positions go to DSC in the same age group!. These came from Jessica Medicott with a gold in a time of 1.23.65,  Bryony Mathias a silver medal in a time of 1.24.96 and finally the bronze coming from Hannah Swan in a time of 1.25.08 – massive well done girls!

The boys 15yrs 100m butterfly saw Kieran Murray win a bronze medal, in a time of 1.11.44 followed quickly by the 200m backstroke and a bronze coming from Lily Swan 13 yrs in a great time of 2.47.35 – well done both.

In the final event of this open meet two more fantastic medals were won.  The 50m freestyle event 11yrs girls age group saw Bryony Mathias win a gold in 32.36 and Jenny Davis clinched the bronze in a time of 34.84.

The super DSC squad competing also had many other great swims and performances over the weekend.  Many CQT times were also achieved.  Well done to the following swimmers at this Flitwick Open Meet of 2018;

Maisie Humphrey, Skylar Alderson, Chloe Medlicott, Austin White, Olivia Cooper, Bethany Harwood, Eloise Harper and George Wallis-Smith.