Tom Williams Cup Gala

June 29, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
Saxon Pool & Leisure Centre
Saxon Drive
SG18 8SU
Tricia Shaw
Tom Williams Cup Gala – 29th June 2019
All Star Relays will feature a child from each age group. They can be swum in any order
Joker Card- Each team will have one joker card issued at the start of the gala. A coach/team manager will be able to display this once to receive double points in this event.
Age at 31 December 2019
1 Girls 10&U 4x25m Free Relay
2 Boys 10&U 4x25m Free Relay
3  Girls 12&U 4x50m Medley Relay
4  Boys 12&U 4x50m Medley Relay
5  Girls 14&U 4x50m Free Relay
6 Boys 14&U 4x50m Free Relay
7 Ladies Open 4x50m Medley Relay
8 Mens Open 4x50m Medley Relay
9 Girls 10&U 50m Backstroke
10 Boys 10&U 50m Backstroke
11 Girls 12&U 50m Fly
12 Boys 12&U 50m Fly
13 Girls 14&U 50m Freestyle
14 Boys 14&U 50m Freestyle
15 Ladies Open 100m Breaststroke
16 Mens Open 100m Breaststroke
17 Girls 10&U 4x25m Medley Relay
18 Boys 10&U 4x25m Medley Relay
19 Girls 12&U 50m Backstroke
20 Boys 12&U 50m Backstroke
21 Girls 14&U 50m Fly
22 Boys 14&U 50m Fly
23 Ladies Open 100m Freestyle
24 Mens Open 100m Freestyle
25 Girls 4 x 25m All Star Individual Medley Relay
26 Boys 4x25m All Star Individual Medley Relay
27 Girls 10&U 50m Breaststroke
28 Boys 10&U 50m Breaststroke
29 Girls 12&U 4x50m Free Relay
30 Boys 12&U 4x50m Free Relay
31 Girls 14&U 50m Backstroke
32 Boys 14&U 50m Backstroke
33 Ladies Open 50m Fly
34  Mens Open 50m Fly
35 Girls 10&U 50m Freestyle
36 Boys 10&U 50m Freestyle
37 Girls 12&U 50m Breaststroke
38 Boys 12&U 50m Breaststroke
39 Girls 14&U 4x50m Medley Relay
40 Boys 14&U 4x50m Medley Relay
41 Ladies Open 100m Backstroke
42 Mens Open 100m Backstroke
43 Girls 4 x 25m All Star Freestyle Relay
44 Boys 4 x 25m All Star Freestyle Relay
45 Girls 12&U 50m Freestyle
46 Boys 12&U 50m Freestyle
47 Girls 14&U 50m Breaststroke
48 Boys 14&U 50m Breaststroke
49 Ladies Open 4x50m Free Relay
50 Mens Open 4x50m Free Relay
51 Squadron 8x25m Freestyle (girl/boy)


Arrive: 5pm Officials

Arrive: 5.30pm Onwards Swimmers

Warm Up: 6.10pm – 6.40pm

Races Start: 6.45pm prompt!