Double Gold for DSC’s Women’s Relay Team!

2019 Bedfordshire County Championships commenced with a ‘BOOM’ for DSC from the outset! Running over 3 weekends from 18th January through to the 3rd February, it began with the gruelling 1500m and 800m freestyle events which long course at Inspire Luton – takes huge stamina, fitness and concentration! Not to disappoint, DSC immediately medalled with a stunning silver from Kieran Murray in the 1500m freestyle with a huge pb and almost a week later on 25th January a brilliant bronze from Millie Dudley in the 800m freestyle again with another fantastic pb.  This success was to set the stage for the rest of DSC’s championships.

County Championships are always an exciting and auspicious occasion.  The National Anthem is played and the many officials needed to make such an huge event flow smoothly all enter the pool arena to huge applause.  All swimmers work so hard all year to gain their county qualifying times and this year still having no pool of our own and now with it’s added delays – is no exception! For some of our debut swimmers this is a very nerve wracking experience, the spectator gallery is always full to capacity and the vastness of a 50m Olympic pool before them can appear daunting.  With the mighty support of DSC’s coaches, parents, volunteers and supporters not to mention help from our senior swimmers, each and every debut swimmer swum with gusto and performed really well.  Well done to George Wallis-Smith, Tatenda Musendeki, Amy Shaw, Francesca Humphrey, Olivia Cooper, Ruby Thasan, Skylar Alderson, Chloe Brooke, Carmello Vasallo-Todaro, Katie Pidgeon and Dominika Grygo on their debut performances.  Well done also to Louis Ellison, Daniel Tuffnell, Isabel Tuffnell, Myles Mathias, Manik Sharma, Kathryn Kirkwood and Bethany Harwood who also qualified and contributed to DSC’s success individually or in a relay capacity.  

Returning to our own pool now in November 2019, will make a huge difference to the club’s success. Already our 2nd winter without a pool of our own, the results below show just what an awesome club Dunstable is, demonstrating we can compete alongside the bigger clubs – onwards and upwards to even greater things in 2020!

The first event on the morning of the 26th January saw the men’s 200m freestyle.  Good coverage in the many age groups from DSC with Top spots of 5th place coming from Kieran Murray in the 16’s and Michael Judd in the 17 and overs.  Good solid swims also coming from Oliver Ellison, Callum Shepherd, Thomas Fantini and Joshua Hamm.

The women’s 100m backstroke saw some sensational results for DSC.  4th place from Jess Medlicott in the 12 yrs in the heats and 6th place in the final, Lily Swan taking 4th in the 14 yrs heats and a brilliant bronze in the final and finally with Jessica Kefford taking the gold – winning the junior championship gold medal overall and gaining The Bedfordshire Times Cup! and Rhianne Carrick winning the bronze!  in the 15 yrs final, with Annabella Vassallo Todaro taking 5th.

Onto the 50m breaststroke With Elliot Kefford making the final in 13yrs in 6th place, William Hamm just getting touched out by 100th of a second! for the final in 9th in the 14’s, Walter Hackett winning the gold in the 16 yrs! and Michael Judd making 7th place in the final – 17 yrs over.

In the women’s 200IM We saw DSC’s Hannah Swan and Bryony Mathias take 7th and 8th place in the 12 yrs, and two more sensational medals coming from the 15 yr age group with Millie Dudley taking the silver and Rhianne Carrick taking the bronze!

In the men’s 50m butterfly final Elliot Kefford took 5th place in the final 13 yrs. Walter Hackett took the silver in the final of 16 yrs! with Oliver Ellison in 8th place.

In the 100m butterfly final Jennifer Davis 12 yrs took a sensational silver medal in a time of 1.29.30! DSC also saw Millie Dudley take the silver medal in the same event! with Jessica Kefford in 7th position 15 yrs.

On that first Saturday afternoon spectators enjoyed the team medley relays.  There is always a tremendous atmosphere as the teams enter this huge arena.  Overall results were; DSC clinched 5th place in the 10/11 women’s relay, overall 8th place in the women’s 12/13 yrs, overall 9th place for the Men’s 14/15 yrs, DSC’s sensational white team of girls 14/15 yrs comprising of Jessica Kefford, Rhianne Carrick, Millie Dudley and Ruby Collins took a sensational county gold in a fabulous time of 2.11.33!!, with DSC blue team coming in 10th place and finally the Men’s Open team coming in a brilliant 6th place.  DSC raised the roof from the spectator gallery!

Top spot in the 400m freestyle came from Bryony Mathias winning a super bronze medal in this event 12 yrs.  Other sensational performances came from Jenny Davis 5th, Maisie Humphrey 9th, Lily Swan 10th and finally Millie Dudley just getting touched out by 100th of a second in 4th place. 

In the men’s 200m breaststroke there was an extremely brave swim by Oliver Bradshaw.  With most of the DSC team walking alongside him to finish the race as he became very unwell.  Oliver came 6th in his age group in a time of 3.41.26.

In the women’s 100m freestyle final we saw Bryony Mathias take 5th place and Hannah Swan in 8th 12 yrs. In the 15 Yrs we had our ‘big’ 4 competing in the same final! Blistering swims coming from Ruby Collins taking the silver and a brand new RQT!, Jessica Kefford taking the bronze and a brand new RQT!, with Millie Dudley in 5th and Rhianne Carrick in 6th – sensational swimming!

In the men’s 50m backstroke final we saw Elliot Kefford take 4th place in the 13yrs. In the 14yrs William Hamm took 6th place in the final, moving up 2 places from the heats. Sensational swimming in the 16 yrs age group where Walter Hackett took the gold medal in 27.93, and taking the silver medal in the Senior Championships! Oliver Ellison taking the bronze! and Callum Shepherd taking 5th place. In the final age group Michael Judd took 4th place in the final.

Just DSC’s older boys taking on the big 200m backstroke race, but with fabulous results. Walter Hackett winning the gold in a sensational time of 2.15.04 and taking a bronze medal in the senior championship!, with Callum Shepherd in 4th in the 16’s, and Michael Judd taking a brilliant silver medal in a time of 2.14.52 giving him the silver senior championship medal overall!! – very well done guys!

In the 100m breaststroke final for women Hannah Swan took a great 5th place 12 yrs, Maisie Humphrey took 8th place in the 13 yr age group with Thea Brazel-Hawkins just missing out on a place in the final in 9th place in the heats. In the 15’s Rhianne Carrick clinched a sensational silver medal in a time of 1.26.04! and in the 16 yr age we saw Maia Morgan take a blistering bronze in a time of 1.22.88!

The 50m men’s freestyle events were quick!! Elliot Kefford took 4th place in the final in 29.79 which gave him a brand new RQT! In the 16 yr age group we saw Walter Hackett take another gold medal in a time of 25.93! and Oliver Ellison took 4th place. 

On the final weekend of swimming we began with the women’s 200m freestyle.  In the 12 yr age group we saw Bryony Mathias take 4th place, Jenny Davis take 5th, and Hannah Swan taking 10th. In the 13 Yr age group Maisie Humphrey took 7th place.  In the 14 yr age group Lily Swan came 10th, Isabel Tuffnell came 11th and finally in the 15 yr age group Jessica Kefford took the silver medal!, Millie Dudley was 4th and finally Ruby Collins was 6th.

In the gruelling 200m Butterfly an unwell James Hose came in a brilliant 5th place in the 17 yrs and over in a time of 2.27.33.

In the men’s 100m backstroke final 14 yrs William Hamm came in 7th place moving up a place from heats to finals.  In the 16 yr age group we saw Walter Hackett take the gold medal in a sensational time of 1.00.79 and also gaining a silver podium position in the senior championships!, with Oliver Ellison coming 5th, Callum Shepherd in 6th and Kieran Murray in 7th place. Finally in the 17 yrs/overs Michael Judd took 4th place.

In the 12 yrs women’s 50m breaststroke Hannah Swan clinched 8th place in the final. In the 15 yr age group Millie Dudley won a brilliant silver in 38.28! with Rhianne Carrick taking the bronze in 38.88! Finally in the 16 yr age group Maia Morgan took the bronze medal in a time of 36.66!

DSC’s Men’s 200IM also did not disappoint.  In the 13 yr age group Elliot Kefford came in 5th place a huge pb too. In the 16yrs Walter Hackett took the gold in 2.23.75!, with Kieran Murray putting on a real race at the end to take a fantastic 5th place, with Callum Shepherd in 7th. In the 17 yrs/over we saw a sensational silver medal won by Michael Judd in 2.16.39 giving him a silver Senior Championship medal!! with James Hose coming in 7th place.

Next up were the DSC girls 50m butterfly events.  In the 12 yrs final we saw Jenny Davis win 4th place. In the 15 yrs age group Millie Dudley won a sensational gold in a blistering 30.74 giving her an improved RQT time and a gold Junior Championship podium position and winning The Bedfordshire ASA cup!!  In 4th was Rhianne Carrick and 7th Jessica Kefford. We also had a really exciting swim off for Jessica Medlicott who pb’d from heat to swim off, but was just pipped to the post from swimming the final.  Very well done Jess, a very brave swim just the two of you, as you were also feeling unwell!

Just 2 swimmers in the 100m butterfly finals.  Elliot Kefford coming in 5th position in the 13’s and James Hose in 6th in 17 yrs/over.

On this final Saturday afternoon of championships the crowds were in for a treat with the freestyle relays commencing.  For the 10/11 girls DSC came in 7th place,  The 12/13 girls came in 8th place, the boys 12/13 yrs came in 7th place, with the boys 14/15 yrs finishing in 6th. DSC’s men’s open finished in 7th.  Leaving the best until last the girls 14/15 yrs DSC -Whites again comprising of Rhianne Carrick, Jessica Kefford, Millie Dudley and Ruby Collins won county gold and beat no less than 10 other teams!! Absolutely wonderful to watch these girls race and very well deserved too. Our newly established DSC – Blues came in a very respectable 8th place. Well done all!

In the 400m freestyle event just one DSC swimmer competed.  Kieran Murray in the 16 yr age group finishing in 4th position in a time of 4.40.52.

In the women’s 200m breaststroke Hannah Swan finished in 10th place in the 12 yrs age group giving her her 3rd long course club record in all of the breaststroke distances. In the 13 yrs we saw Maisie Humphrey finish in 10th place with Thea Brazel-Hawkins quickly behind her in 11th.  In the 15 yrs age group Rhianne Carrick won another sensational silver medal in a time of 3.08.43!, with Maia Morgan coming in in 8th place for the 16 yrs.

In the 16 yrs 100m freestyle final DSC won the gold coming from Walter Hackett in a time of 56.96!, with Oliver Ellison in 6th place and Callum Shepherd in 7th.

In the 50m women’s backstroke finals 12 yrs we had Bryony Mathias in 4th place with Jenny Davis in 7th. In the 14 yrs final Lily Swan took the 5th place. In the 15 yrs, again it was to be a DSC all star final! Jessica Kefford taking the gold in 32.55 making her junior champion and winning the Margaret Macfarlane Cup!, Millie Dudley the silver in 33.98!, in a brilliant 4th Annabella Vassallo-Todaro in 34.76 and Rhianne Carrick in 5th place in a time of 35.07.

More success in the 200m backstroke for the girls. In the 12 yr age category Jessica Medlicott came 4th, with Jenny Davis in 5th and Bryony Mathias in 11th. In the 14 yrs age group Lily swan won another sensational bronze medal in a time of 2.53.51!  In the 15 yr age group again our girls grabbed the two top positions! Jessica Kefford winning gold in 2.32.92 and Rhianne Carrick winning silver in 2.38.75. this gave the girls overall gold Junior Championship medal and cup and the bronze medal for junior champion respectively!! Annabella Vassallo-Todaro came in in 6th place with Amy Shaw in 9th. Well done girls.

In the men’s 100m breaststroke Daniel Richards just got pipped to the final taking 9th place. In the 12 yrs age group Oliver Bradshaw clinched the silver medal and also achieved a first ever RQT in a time of 1.33.66! In the 16 yrs Walter Hackett won the gold in a time of 1.13.86, with Michael Judd taking a fantastic bronze in a time of 1.13.45!! Well done boys.

For the final event of these championships the girls stepped up for the 50m freestyle event.  In the 12 yrs group Bryony Mathias finishes 4th in the final, and Jenny Davis finishes 7th. In the 15 yrs age group yet again we see our all star final!! Unbelievable swimming coming from Ruby Collins who takes gold in a staggering 29.31!, a bronze from Jessica Kefford (RQT) in 29.63!, 5th place from Millie Dudley and 7th place from Rhianne Carrick.  Well done again girls!

Following the Championships DSC’s Director of Swimming Tim Hutton said “DSC although smaller in number this year, made up for it in abundance with great team spirit, attitude and hard work.  All of our swimming superstars did their club and town proud.  Despite not having a training base, we continue to hold our own at the highest level”.