Be Part of The Team

Dunstable Swimming Club (DSC) accepts talented swimmers from 7 years to offer them the opportunity to improve their swimming ability in a supportive and structured environment, and to continue to build on their skills and stamina to reach their full potential in the sport.

Within the club, we foster an atmosphere of personal effort, support and healthy competition. Each child progresses according to their ability and confidence through the squad structure with coaching tailored to their level of development.

Alongside the swimming, we have an active social calendar which we encourage all members and parents to take an active part in our activities. We also encourage parents to choose to become involved volunteers; helping out on poolside, to train as coaches or officials, or join our committee as their children’s interest in the sport grows.

We regularly have places available for new members to join our coaching programme, so why not come along for a trial?

Swimmers will be required to undertake a swimming trial , they will then be informed by the Head Coach completing the trial whether they are accepted or not and if so, which squad they have been placed into.

Trials can be arranged directly with DSC’s Head Coach by emailing;

Amateur Swimming Association (ASA) Registration

All club swimmers are required to register with the ASA, otherwise they will be unable to represent the club in league or open swimming events. The ASA membership charge is included in the annual membership fee paid to the club.

Membership Fees (which includes ASA Registration):

Swimming – £50

Second Swimming Family Member – £44

Adult Non Swimming – £6


Subscriptions can be either paid monthly or annually. The subscription fee increases with each “Squad” which reflects the increased amount of pool time and coaching sessions available.

Fee’s Per Squad September 2021

Academy 2 & 3 – £27.50 per month

Development – £35.00 per month

Transition Squad  – £37.00 per month

Competition BAGCAT – £45.00 per month

Sprint 1 – £51.00 per month

Sprint 2 – £51.00 per month

Sprint  3 – £55.00 per month

Performance  – £61.00 per month

Masters  – £41.00 per month

For additional information, please send an email to: