Chiltern Swimming League 2020!

DSC began their Chiltern League campaign on Saturday 22nd February at the AquaVale Pool in Aylesbury.  Swam over 3 rounds, the 1st round was a blistering start for the squad as they took 1st place! Always a difficult league in terms of swimmers being restricted to no faster than times – too fast means a speeding ticket and no points for the team.  Despite swimming too fast on seven events, the team were victorious in this first round and won the gala by quite some margin – well done all!

Competing against Buckingham Swans, Aylesbury & District, Bourne End, Flitwick, Witney & District and Kings Langley this was always going to be a highly competitive gala.  A mix of individual and relay races the team had 8 1st place positions and 13 2nd place positions in this first round.  By the half way point at event 26, DSC had a significant lead with 118 points with 2nd place going to Flitwick with 109 points.

At the end of the 1st gala the final standings were as follows:

1st place – Dunstable – 214 points

2nd place – Witney & District – 199 points

3rd place – Kings Langley – 192 points

4th place – Flitwick – 178 points

5th place – Aylesbury & District – 159 points

6th place – Bourne End – 147 points

7th place – Buckingham Swans – 120 points

Swimmers of this first round gala went to Joshua Hamm and Thea Brazel-Hawkins for their outstanding contribution to the gala.  Joshua swam 4 individual races and 4 relays and Thea swam 3 individual and 4 relays and claiming 1st and 2nd positions – A busy night for them both – well done!

Unfortunately Round 2 and 3 have been cancelled due to the Covid 19 virus.