Bedfordshire County Champs 2020!

Bedfordshire County Championships 2020 got off to a blistering start on Saturday 18th January 2020.  Running over 3 weekends, these county champs are the main highlight in DSC’s competitive calendar.  The first Saturday night kicked off with the long course mixed 1500m freestyle, and on the 24th Jan saw the mixed 800m freestyle.  The rest of the competitions took place on 25/26 Jan and 1/2 Feb including all the relays. As usual the chosen venue is the fabulous 50m Inspire pool in Luton.  As usual DSC turned on the skills and style with some incredible performances, brilliant to see especially now the swimmers have settled back into their home pool at Dunstable once again. We also enjoyed some incredible finals in the 50m sprints and the 100m races, and for the first time mixed medley and mixed free relays that were very exciting.  Well done to the whole County Champ Squad!

12 year old Jenny Davis kicked off DSC’s Counties on 18th Jan with a fabulous 1500m freestyle swim.  Swimming solo due to Bryony Mathias being poorly on the night, Jenny showed some brilliant composure and went off like a steam train to start the 30 50m lengths! At the first turn she clocked 34.82, and from then on had some steady 100m splits until 17 lengths from the finish.  She really picked up the pace at this point, showing incredible stamina, endurance and concentration.  Finally finishing in 21:02:06 a 13 second PB and clinching a fabulous Bronze medal – very well done Jenny on an incredible swim!

On 24th Jan we saw Millie Dudley, Veronika Popow, Bryony Mathias and Jenny Davis (back in action) for the next gruelling 800m freestyle event.

Veronika Popow – Heat 1 – 11.16.88 a fantastic pb of over 16 seconds. Half way point settling into 1:26 splits.

Jenny Davis and Bryony Mathias – Heat 3 – Jenny bang on PB, Bryony just outside both huge swims, giving Jenny her second Bronze medal in a time of 11.05.17

Millie Dudley 16’s –  Millie also swam an incredible race and clinched a bronze medal in a fab time of 10.11.33.

In the men’s 200m free we saw 5th place for Walter Hackett in 2.05.70, 11th for Callum Shepherd in 2.13.22 and 12th for Jamie Hose in 2.14.18.

Some fantastic results for the 100m backstroke women’s final with 6th place going to Amber Flitton in 1.33.56 and 8th place going to Olivia Cooper in 1.39.65 both pb’s for the 10/11 girls. For the 13 yrs Jessica Medlicott won the silver medal in 1.16.68, and it was a bronze for Veronica Popow in 1.17.49.  For Chloe Medlicott in the 15’s it was 8th place in the final in 1.22.22.  Finally in the 16 yrs age group we saw Jessica Kefford take the Gold Medal in 1.10.83 and 6th place for Annabella Vassallo-Todaro in 1.17.44!

The 50m breaststroke final for the boys was also a great watch. In the 12 Yrs Alban Gill clinched the silver in 42.49, in the 13 yrs Ollie Bradshaw came 4th in 41.29. It was 5th for Walter Hackett in 32.03, 8th for Michael Judd in 32.84 and just outside the finals in 9th was William Hamm in 37.70 15’s a 2 second pb.  Finally in 13th with another pb Daniel Richards in 37.93.

Jenny Davis was back in action for the 200m Butterfly and took the Gold in 3.19.87!

In the girls 100m Butterfly final we saw Jenny Davis once again medaling in the 13yrs taking a bronze in 1.19.02 and in 5th place Veronika Popow in 1.19.97. In the 14 yrs Maisie Humphrey was 7th in a time of 1.20.54 and for the 16yrs Millie Dudley took the silver in 1.09.51 whilst Rhianne Carrick was 4th in 1.12.38.

Two of our boys made the 50m Freestyle final.  Elliott Kefford 14yrs was 6th overall in 29.68 and Walter Hackett was 7th in 25.76.  We also saw some fantastic new PB’s from William Hamm, Daniel Richards and Ollie Bradshaw.

Fantastic swims next from our girls in the 200IM.  Olivia Cooper came 6th in a smashed time of 3.34.95 for 10/11’s.  A Silver came from Jessica Medlicott in the 13yrs in a time of 2.47.38.  It was a 7th place overall for Hannah Swan in 2.54.52, 9th from Maisie Humphrey in 2.51.22 and finally in the 16yrs Rhianne Carrick took the Gold in 2.36.08 with Millie Dudley on her heels in Silver position in 2.37.27.

The first of the relays then commenced, coming from our fantastic Medley Teams. First up our 10/11 Girls – Annabel Bradshaw, Amber Flitton, Grace Armstrong and Olivia Cooper 5th place in a fab time of 2.56.85

Then came our superb 12/13 girls and in Bronze position swam in a brilliant time of 2.24.46.  The team comprised of; Jessica Medliott, Veronika Popow, Jenny Davis and Bryony Mathias.

In 7th place came our 14/15 Boys in a great time of 2.18.29.  The team was Elliot Kefford, William Hamm, Joshua Hamm and George Wallis-Smith.

In 8th place came our 14/15 Girls in another great time of 2.28.06.  This team was Skylar Alderson, Thea Brazel-Hawkins, Maisie Humphrey and Chloe Medliott.

Finally the Mens Medley came 5th overall in 1.56.65. Walter Hackett, Michael Judd, Daniel Tuffnell, Ollie Ellison, and from the Women’s also 5th place in 2.10.37, coming from Jessica Kefford, Maia Morgan, Rhianne Carrick and Millie Dudley.

The following day saw the start of the 400m Freestyle.  In Bronze position was Jenny Davis in 5.18.04. In 4th position was Bryony Mathias in 5.18.67 and in 6th overall was Veronika Popow in 5.28.78.  In the medals again was Millie Dudley in the 16’s with a fantastic bronze in a time of 4.58.29 – great swimming girls.

In the 17/overs final for the 50m backstroke Walter Hackett took the silver in a blistering time of 27.38 with Michael Judd in 6th place.  William Hamm was just out of the finals in a new pb of 33.79 and finally Louis Ellison came in 19th place in 42.56.

Sterling performances came from our girls in the 100m freestyle event.  In 9th place and only just out of the finals was Hannah Swan 13yrs in 1.09.50.  In the 14yrs Maisie Humphrey was 11th in 1.08.59, In the 15’s was Chloe Medlicott in 10th place 1.10.03 and in 16’s Annabella Vassallo-Todaro 12th place in 1.10.27.  

The girls to make the final in the 13 yrs were Veronika Popow 4th overall in 1.07.36, Bryony Mathias in 5th 1.07.39 and in 6th Jessica Medlicott in 1.08.23.  In the 16 Yrs Rhianne Carrick took the bronze in a fabulous 1.04.00, 4th came from Millie Dudley in 1.04.58 and finally 7th for Jessica Kefford in 1.05.72 – Well done girls!

Alban Gill in the 12yrs produced a fabulous swim in the 200m breaststroke.  Gaining a Gold medal in 3.20.78

Next up to race was our exciting mixed Freestyle teams.  In the 10/11 and in 6th place 2.36.03 was Grace Armstrong, Amber Flitton, Arlo Cooke and Daniel Smith.

In the 12/13 years, in 7th place and a time of 2.08.55 was Bryony Mathias, Veronika Popow, Ollie Bradshaw and Carmelo Vassallo-Todaro.

In the 14/15 Years in 8th place and a time of 2.01.62 was William Hamm, Maisie Humphrey, George Wallis-Smith and Chloe Medlicott.

Finally in the Men’s/Women’s Open in 5th place and a time of 1.51.54 was Michael Judd, Walter Hackett, Millie Dudley and Jessica Kefford.

Two boys in the 50m Butterfly final with Ollie Bradshaw in 7th place in 36.51 13 yrs and Elliot Kefford 6th place in 33.29 14 yrs.  William Hamm 15’s just outside finals in a new PB of 32.77.

Our girls in 400m Medley relay did a fabulous job and gained an incredible bronze medal in 4.49.34.  The team comprised of Jessica Kefford, Maia Morgan, Rhianne Carrick and Millie Dudley.  For the boys in the same race achieved 5th place overall in a time of 4.20.56.  The team comprised of Walter Hackett, Michael Judd, Daniel Tuffnell and Ollie Ellison. Well done all!

Just outside the finals in the 100m breaststroke were Maisie Humphrey in 10th place 1.32.62 and Thea Brazel-Hawkins in 11th place 1.33.65.  In the finals in the 10/11 were Amber Flitton in 8th 1.48.88, in the 13 yrs a silver medal for Jenny Davis in 1.29.37, 5th place for Veronika Popow in 1.30.57 and 6th place for Hannah Swan in 1.30.74.  In the 16 yrs Rhianne Carrick took the silver medal in 1.24.93 and Millie Dudley took the bronze in 1.26.16.

In the 17/overs 200m backstroke for men, Walter Hackett took the silver in 2.10.71 and Callum Shepherd was 6th in 2.30.27.

Then onto another big race the 200m freestyle event for girls.  In the 10/11’s it was Olivia Cooper in 10th place swimming in 3.23.22, in the 13yrs we had a whole raft of success again with a silver medal being won by Jenny Davis in 2.29.10, the bronze being taken by Jessica Medlioctt in 2.29.50, 7th place was Veronika Popow in 2.33.18, 10th was Hannah Swan in 2.36.44 and 11th was Bryony Mathias in 2.46.21.  In the 14 yrs Maisie Humphrey took 6th place in 2.27.96.  Finally in the 16yrs, the silver went to Jessica Kefford in 2.23.33.

Just outside the finals in the 100m backstroke men was George Wallis-Smith in 11th place in a PB time of 1.16.63, in the 17/overs was Callum Shepherd in 10th 1.08.01 and Ollie Ellison in 12th place in 1.09.16.  In the finals for this event we saw a silver medal for Walter Hackett in 59.35, and in 5th place Michael Judd 1.05.41.

Next up was the 50m fly for girls.  Just outside the finals with some great swimming was Bryony Mathias 9th, Hannah Swan 10th, Maisie Humphrey 11th and Bethany Harwood 10th.  In the finals for the 10/11’s Olivia Cooper came 6th in 43.85, 7th was Grace Armstrong in 44.18.  A bronze medal was won by Veronika Popow in the 13’s in 33.55 and it was a 7th place for Jessica Medlicott in 36.27.  In the 16’s DSC had another 2 podium finishes with Gold being won by Millie Dudley in 30.79 and Bronze by Rhianne Carrick in 31.23 – well done all!

In the next 2 races, we saw Jamie Hose come 4th in the 200m fly in 2.37.14 and in the 400IM Jenny Davis took the Bronze in 6.05.46!

In session 8 we saw the start of the 100m butterfly for men.  Alban Gill managed 5th place in his final in a time of 1.38.52.  Joshua Hamm in the 15’s was just outside of finals in 9th place achieving a brand new PB of 1.21.25 and winning his heat!  In the 17/overs both Daniel Tuffnell and Jamie Hose made the final in 6th and 8th place respectively, Daniel with a fantastic pb in his heat of 1.04.95 and Jamie swimming in 1.05.73.

We saw two of our 10/11’s in the 50m breaststroke finals.  These were Amber Flitton coming in in 7th place 49.82, and Olivia Cooper 8th place 58.16. Well done girls!  Just outside the finals in the 12’s in 10th place was Libby Fowler in 44.74. In the 13yrs final it was Veronika Popow in 6th 41.16, Jenny Davis in 7th 42.00 and Hannah Swan 42.11 finishing in 8th.  Jessica Medliott was just outside finals in this age group in 9th 42.01. In the 14yrs Maisie Humphrey and Thea Brazel-Hawkins narrowly missed finals in 9th and 12th place respectively.  In the 16yrs Rhianne Carrick took the Bronze in 38.06 and Millie Dudley took 4th in 38.38.  Finally in the 17/over’s Maia Morgan was 5th in 37.44.

In the men’s 200IM we saw Alban Gill back in action in the 12yrs coming in 5th place in 3.13.10! and in the 17/overs 3 of our boys made 11th Callum Shepherd, 12th Jamie Hose and 17th Ollie Ellison.

It was then time to turn our attention back to some relay racing! This time the 200m freestyle teams were in action.  To kick off we had the 10/11’s girls team which comprised of Annabel Bradshaw, Grace Armstrong, Amber Flitton and Olivia Cooper.  They swam a blistering 2.31.71 and took the Bronze Medal – huge well done girls!

Our 12/13 Girls group then immediately followed suit, and with another fabulous Bronze medal swam to victory in 2.06.58.  This team was made up of Bryony Mathias, Jenny Davis, Jessica Medlicott and Veronika Popow.  In 11th place in the same age group came Hannah Swan, Libby Fowler, Abigail Weston and Zuzannah Gasiewska in 2.23.29.

In the 14/15 Girls Group we had Maisie Humphrey, Lily Swan, Skylar Alderson and Chloe Medlicott.  In 9th place they swam in 2.07.58!  In the boys same age group we had Elliot Kefford, George Wallis-Smith, Joshua Hamm and William Hamm.  They came in 7th place in a great time of 1.59.86!

In the girls 16 yrs we saw Jessica Kefford, Millie Dudley, Rhianne Carrick and Annabella-Vassallo Todaro swim to 8th place in 1.59.72. The second team swimming in this same age group were Amy Shaw, Bethany Harwood, Eloise Harper and Chloe Medlicott.  Finishing in 11th place in 2.08.43.

For the 2 sets of Men’s Opens we saw Walter Hackett, Michael Judd, Jamie Hose and Ollie Ellison swim to 6th place in 1.45.92 and Thomas Fantini, Callum Shepherd, Daniel Tuffnell and Elliot Kefford finishing in 10th place in 1.50.44.

In the 50m backstroke for girls Amber Flitton and Olivia Cooper were just out of finals in 9th and 13th respectively.  In the 13yrs likewise for Bryony Mathias and Hannah Swan in 11th and 15th place. In the 14yrs it was 19th place for Skylar Alderson 38.70, 15yrs 11th for Chloe Medlicott 37.82 and finally in the 16yrs 15th place for Bethany Harwood and 16th for Amy Shaw.

In the finals for this event 13yrs we had a Bronze from Veronika Popow in 36.11, a 5th place overall from Jenny Davis in 36.23 and finally a 7th place position for Jessica Medlicott in 36.54.  In the finals for the 16 years it was Jessica Kefford that took the Gold in 33.01, 4th was Millie Dudley in 34.18, 6th was Rhianne Carrick in 34.93 and in 7th place was Annabella Vassallo-Todaro in 35.46. Well done All!

Next up we had the 100m Freestyle for men.  Two swimmers just outside finals here with Alban Gill and Ollie Bradshaw both in 9th place and Carmello-Vassallo Todaro in 17th.  In the finals for this event 17/overs was Walter Hackett in 8th place 57.57 with Michael Judd in 13th 58.65.

Jenny Davis took the Bronze medal in the 200m breaststroke in 3.14.59, in 4th was Veronika Popow 3.15.99 and in 5th place Hannah Swan in 3.20.79.  In the 14 yrs was Maisie Humphrey in 11th and Thea Brazel-Hawkins in 14th.

Mixed 200m Medley Relays then took place.  in the 12/13’s and in 7th place in 2.27.30 we had Jessica Medlicott, Ollie Bradshaw, Jenny Davis and Carmelo Vassallo-Todaro.  In the 14/15’s in 9th place we had Lily Swan, Maisie Humphrey, Joshua Hamm and George Wallis-Smith in 2.25.51.  In the Open and in 4th place swimming in 2.02.18 we had Walter Hackett, Michael Judd, Millie Dudley and Jessica Kefford. 

In the 10/11’s 50m freestyle Grace Armstrong made the finals in 6th place and 35.59, 9th was Amber Flitton and Olivia Cooper was 11th. In the 13yrs two of our DSC girls were in the final. 5th place was Veronika Popow in 30.61 and 8th for Bryony Mathias in 31.48.  Just outside finals in this age group was Jenny Davis in 9th, Jessica Medlicott in 10th and Hannah Swan in 11th place.  In the 14 yrs Maisie Humphrey was 12th and Skylar Alderson 15th.  In the 15yrs Chloe Medlicott was 14th in 32.38.  Finally in the 16yrs, Millie Dudley clinched the Silver in 29.05, whilst Jessica Kefford and Rhianne Carrick made 7th and 8th place respectively in the finals.  It was 12th, 13th and 15th place for Annabella Vassallo-Todaro, Amy Shaw and Bethany Harwood.

In the men’s 100m breaststroke Alban Gill 12’s went from 4th in the heats to a fantastic Bronze medal in the finals in 1.32.76.  In the 13’s Ollie Bradshaw did likewise and won the Bronze medal in 1.27.20.  In the 16 years and just out of the final was Daniel Richards in 1.24.48 PB.  Two finalists in the 17/overs with Walter Hackett taking 4th place in 1.12.34 and Jamie Hose taking 7th in 1.16.17.  Michael Judd was just out of finals in 1.17.52.

Onto the 200m backstroke for women.  Olivia Cooper came in 9th place in the 10/11’s in 3.38.32.  In the 13 yrs Jessica Medlicott clinched the Silver in 2.45.72, with Jenny Davis in 4th 2.50.52, Veronika Popow in 6th 2.52.50 and Bryony Mathias in 13th 3.01.35.  In the 15’s Chloe Medlicott came in 8th place 2.57.19.  In the 16 Yrs Jessica Kefford won the GOLD in 2.35.12 – well done Jess! with Rhianne Carrick taking a wonderful Silver in 2.36.60.  In 5th place was Annabella-Vassallo Todaro in 2.48.76 and in 11th place was Amy Shaw in 3.05.54.

Counties ended with 2 further relays – The mens and womens opens in 400m free.  Both teams came in 5th place.  Boys consisted of Walter Hackett, Michael Judd, Daniel Tuffnell and Ollie Ellison in 3.56.05 and the girls were Millie Dudley, Rhianne Carrick, Jessica Kefford and Annabella Vassallo- Todaro in 4.24.04 – well done all!

Director of Swimming Tim Hutton said “A great counties for DSC who stepped up and showed the impact of their new first class facility.  More medals than last year by some margin, and a higher personal best percentage is testament to the hard work of all the swimmers, parents, committee and coaches”.

DSC now look to the start of their Chiltern League campaign and the Road to Regional Championships.